One dimensional multijunction solar cell simulator (MSCS-1D) is a state-of-the-art simulator dedicated to third-generation photovoltaicmMultijunction solar cells, developed by Advanced Photovoltaic Lab, Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR). This work is financially supported by BCSIR's regular R&D scope and the Ministry of Science and Technology, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh under the Special Allocation Project. Mr. Abu Kowsar is the principal investigator of this project, Mr. Saidul Islam, Mr. Sumon Chandra Debnath, Mr. Sadequl Azam, Mr. Mashudur Rahman, Mr. MS Bashar, Mrs. Khaledun Nahar Babi, and  Dr. Syed Farid Uddin Farhad are the associates of this project. Mr. Syed Nazmus Sakib and Mr. Masum Billah, Lecturer, Department of ETE, Daffodil International University contributed here as Thesis students of the Institute of Energy, University of Dhaka, and Daffodil International University. The user-friendly interface and the dialogue box of this simulation software were accomplished with the assistance of SoftCare IT.


One dimensional multijunction solar cell simulator: Version-2 (MSCS-1D: V-2) is developed by Advanced Photovoltaic Lab, IFRD, BCSIR. In this new version, we incorporated all features of the first version (MSCS-1D: V1) simulator, but rather than airmass AM 1.5 G global radiation under 1 sun condition of version-1, this new version incorporates the additional features for performing simulations for Direct Normal Irradiance ( airmass AM 1.5D) condition and space application ( AM 0). This newly developed tool is capable of simulating the performance of concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) multijunction solar cells. In addition, two new materials; Si-Ge of variant bandgap and 0.85 eV bandgap GaAsBi semiconducting material have incorporated new combinations/modeling of novel multijunction solar cells. Besides, this version is device responsive which means it is capable to operate in any browser such as Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, and any devices/Gadgets such as Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, Notebook, etc.


Our intention is to release this version (MSCS-1D: V2) on 1st September 2022.